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Honda rs125 – ready to race!


Honda rs125 Swingarm


PAX Powerjet Carburetor





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Honda rs125r


This bike is FAST, and best of all, COMPLETELY READY TO RACE.  Put some new tires on, gas it and go! 



  • 1995 frame
  • 1996 suspension and swingarm
  • 2000 engine



  • FRESHLY REBUILT WITH 0 HOURS (will need break-in)
  • Matched, stuffed cases
  • Matched and slightly ported cylinder
  • VHM cylinder head with leaded and unleaded inserts from 10.00cc - 10.80cc
  • Talon billet clutch basket
  • Modified exhaust manifold (o-ring style)
  • Detonation counter
  • Full jetting (including leaded and unleaded needles. currently set up for leaded fuel)
  • 1997 exhaust pipe, carbon silencer



  • Radial brake lever/master cylinder (one finger stoppies!!)
  • Marchesini wheels
  • Sebimoto carbon-kevlar seat, fairings and airbox (side scoop style, only throttle cable runs through it)
  • Battle Factory semi-automatic upshifter
  • Stiffer rear spring, and valved front suspension; set up for 160lb rider
  • Frame sliders
  • Rear wheel hugger



  • Stock wheels with rain tires mounted
  • Tire warmers
  • Front and rear stands
  • Manual
  • Supplementary Manual (on CD)
  • Jetting notes, and extra tuning info
  • Misc spares (including crash spares)
  • Full set of external gearing
  • Short internal 1st gear


No tools included


The fairings show some wear as they've been on the bike for a couple years, but have never been down. Paint on the marchesini rims is worn out/flaked.


Bike Pic 1

Bike Pic 2

Bike Pic 3

Bike Pic 4


Price: $6,200.00


Note: Price does NOT include shipping.




Honda rs125 Swingarm


  • Welds had cracked where cast section meets aluminum arms.  Aligned and repaired by Kevin Murray of MCE Racing
  • Aluminum arms show surface grinding marks, but it’s the same as a brand new swingarm!
  • Comes with pivot bearings & spacers, shock bearing & seals, chain sliders and chain adjusters.  Ready to bolt on.


Swingarm Pic


Price: $350.00 + shipping



PAX Powerjet Carburetor


  • Came off a Honda rs125
  • Comes with misc wiring, including controller module


NOTE:  The carb physically works, but I personally have never hooked it up.  It was working when it was removed from the last bike it was on, but I can’t guarantee the functionality of the electronics.  It will work as a standard carb without using powerjet.


PAX Carb Pic


Price: $550.00 (includes shipping to anywhere in continental US)