Ok.. there have been a million changes in things since these albums were put out.  I mean c'mon.. this stuff was done in 1995 - 1997 (last century!!).  Here's a quick recap of who's who as of today (Feb 2002).  The thing to remember is that none of these bands exist anymore... I've skipped all the band staff iterations, and just stuck with the lineup at time of release, and what they're up to now.  I've also left out a lot of the moves people made in between.. otherwise it would be more complicated than an Italian family tree!  Hope this helps!


Red Eye Nine
Eric Waxwood: Guitars, Vocals
Chris Fournier: Bass, Vocals
Dave ??: Drums
Eric recently formed 'Auto Interiors'
Chris moved back to Northampton and teaches Jazz bass
Fernando (drummer on fbr-002) is MIA.
Dave (drummer on fbr-001) is around, but I don't think he's playing.

Vic Firecracker
Bob Logan: Guitars, Vocals
Pat Campbell: Bass
Ned Gallacher: Drums
Bob is/was a sound engineer for New Alliance Studios.  I think he's got a version of VF around.
I lost track of Pat
Ned is playing with Chris (Flycatcher) in "Helicopter Helicopter"

Blanket Party
Dan Perez: Guitars, Vocals
Chris Regalia: Bass
Jeff LaBossiere: Drums
Dan is in NYC last I heard.  I lost track of him.
Chris is now playing with 'Midget Jesus'
I have no idea where Jeff is.

Pat O'Shea: Guitars, Vocals
Jesse Forsyth: Bass, Vocals
Jim Smith: Drums, Vocals
Pat is currently playing drums with Eric (Red Eye 9) in "Auto Interiors"
Jesse is playing Bass for "Tidal Wave"
Jim started "Heroic Spacefish" and "Forgetful Jones", but both are gone.

Chris Zerby: Guitars, Vocals
Joe Melchionda: Bass, Vocals
Jen Chouinard: Drums, Vocals
Chris started "Helicopter Helicopter" with Julie Chadwick of "American Measles" fame, and Ned (Vic Firecracker). 
Joe stopped playing and now races motorcycles (that's me!)
Jen now plays with "The Kitty Kill"

Chris Lundberg: Guitars, Vocals
Alan Sezak: Bass
Brian Cogsall: Drums
I have no idea.  These guys all live in Western Mass...  far far away.

Love Mustard
Glenn Stedmann: Guitars, Vocals
Joe Melchionda: Bass, Vocals
Dare Matheson: Drums, Vocal bits
Glenn started "Din".
Joe played with "Flycatcher", then quit to race motorcycles (that's me!)
Dare went on to play with "The Laurels", which are no more.   Not sure from there.

Chris Lundberg: Guitars, Vocals
Alan Sezak: Bass
: Drums
This was a newer version of "Grunk".  See above for current situation ;)